DDD Review #9- crushcraft

To celebrate Hubby’s bday we picked out a DDD restaurant to visit. This hip Thai place was the chosen restaurant. It’s in a hip area of Uptown in Dallas. It’s unique and fun and really large! It has fun outdoor seating in the front and back. I had the Kra Pao–probably not something Guy would have chosen as it had a fried egg on top. It was sort of a Thai fried rice and had peppers and other vegetables, jasmine rice and ground pork. It was delicious! A tad oily for me, but great flavor nonetheless. Hubs had the Drunken Noodles and a papaya salad. He loved it!

crushcraft is definitely a 4 or 5 start place.

DDD Review #8 -PePe’s & Mito’s

So last night Hubby and I went to Pepe’s & Mito’s in downtown Dallas. It’s in a cute, happening little area of downtown. Lots of restaurants and clubs. I had Albondiga Soup. It had a tasty beef broth with these little egg patties. I was trying to describe the patty –it’s like a tiny frittata with beef and potato and veggies in it.  Delicious! Hubby had the Tacos Nortenos.  I tasted it– that meat was seasoned so nice!  Very yummy! Pepe was in the kitchen, but his wife seated us and came over after we were finished. Very sweet lady! We’ll definitely visit Pepe’s & Mito’s again!

We give it 5 stars!

DDD Review #7- Whistle Britches

So for Hubby’s bday we visited Whistle Britches in Plano, TX. Hubby ordered the fried green tomatoes as a starter, and then he had the Don Chingon. He loved it!

I had the Auntie Louann, with chicken, pimento cheese, pickles, tomatoes and 1000 Island. Honestly, the 1000 Island was too much for me. It seems like it would all go together but I think the dressing was just too much tang for me.

I give it 3.5 stars because it’s an interesting place with an even more interesting menu. These are not items you see everywhere.

Hubby gives it 4 stars.

DDD Review #6 – Grind Burger Kitchen

While I was in Louisville KY in March I decided to walk from my hotel to a DDD restaurant.  I did a search and started off.  I got scared and turned around and ate at a pretty tasty place. But it wasn’t a DDD restaurant.  So, the next day I talked to co-workers who assured me I’d be safe walking and that evening I took off again. This time I made it to Grind Burger Kitchen. It was delicious!  and in such a cool building on a hip and happening street off downtown Louisville.  (I do love the buildings in Louisville. Such neat architecture.) I had a Southern Burger –sharp cheddar pimento cheese, bacon, spicy dill pickles= delicious! I hope I get to go there with Hubby some time.

DDD Review #5 – Tutta’s Pizza, Dallas TX

DDD Review #5 Tutta’s Pizza  8/11/18

So this rainy Saturday Hubby and I decided to try out another DDD restaurant. He decided on Pizza and we journeyed down I35E.  Located in what appears to be an old warehouse or something in West End it has kept the feel and uniqueness and added everything needed to make it a cool hang out. We ordered a large Durty Dough Pizza. If you are looking for cheap pizza, this is not the place. But oh my! If you are looking for something unique and delicious you really need to try Tutta’s. Smoked pulled pork, chicken, brisket and bacon, chopped serrano peppers, mozzarella and Tutta’s special BBQ sauce. Delicious! It’s a thin doughy crust. My first bite I get a taste of perfectly smoked meat, mozzarella, bacon and little of that serrano. It’s not spicy hot, just good.  Then you notice the mozzarella and the light sauce. Hubby says, “You know what I like about the sauce? It’s not overwhelming so you can still taste all the fun stuff.”  Mmmmmm…and it was LARGE. We brought some home. Bet it doesn’t make it til tomorrow.  🙂


DDD Review- The Monument Cafe

DDD Review #4  The Monument Café, Georgetown TX  5/27/18


As we headed home today we stopped in Georgetown for one more DDD restaurant, and were we glad we did!  It’s a little bit off highway 35 but not difficult to find. We arrived about 11:30 and we had to wait 10-15 minutes for a table–this place was packed! They have a nice courtyard outside with coolers of water for you while you wait. Lots of herbs growing outside, an apple tree, and I think I saw rhubarb out there!  Hubby ordered the corned beef hash ($12), made with brisket, sweet potato, carrot and topped with two poached eggs, plush some peppers that gave it a nice spicy flavor, but no heat to burn your face off.  I ordered a breakfast taco ($4) with eggs, bacon, cheese and potatoes stuffed in a flour tortilla. We split a cinnamon roll, which is actually for mini cinnamon rolls and they were perfect! Perfectly doughy (no dry dough here!) with cinnamon and sweet frosting. Yum!

We give The Monument Café ***** (5/5 stars)




DDD Review- Maria’s Taco Xpress

DDD Review #3   Maria’s Taco Xpress, Austin TX  5/26/18


Saturday Hubby and I did a little shopping in San Marcos then stopped by Maria’s Taco Xpress on our way back to the hotel in Austin. What a delightful place! The outside is colorful and creative with a outside eating area and balcony eating area as well. Inside is cozy and sports a wall of articles about Maria’s Taco Xpress.  This little gem made it on a Rachael Ray $40 a Day, besides DDD. Hubby had street tacos with delicious seasoned beef (chipotle?). I had huevos ranchero which included eggs over easy with pico, potatoes, refried beans and bacon.  No way to go wrong there.  We ordered salsa and chips –good salsa!

We give Maria’s Taco Xpress ***** (5/5 stars)


DDD Review- The Noble Pig

DDD Review #2- The Noble Pig, Austin TX   5/25/18


So Hubby and I took a little trip to Austin this weekend to celebrate our 1st anniversary and of course we found some DDD restaurants to visit. After rolling into town we found our way to The Noble Pig. It was about 2:30p so there wasn’t a large crowd inside but there were a couple tables enjoying the small sandwich shop.  Hubby ordered The Noble Pig sandwich on bacon bread ($9) and I ordered a half Cuban ($5.50).  Both sandwiches were delicious! My Cuban had a little pickle and mayo action, delightful with the ham. Hubby says his sandwich was “the bomb.com”.    : /   “The bacon in the bread gave it a crunchy texture, the meats were well seasoned, juicy and delicious.”  The sandwiches come with fresh-made chips that were crisp and tasty, maybe a light garlic salt?  Also there is a tasty relish. Try the carrots!

We give it ***** (5/5 stars)

DDD Review- Avila’s Mexican Restaurant

DDD Review #1  5/5/18

So Hubby LOVES Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive Ins and Dives so we decided to start visiting some of those DDD restaurants that are local to us. Last Saturday (Cinco de Mayo) we went to Avila’s Mexican Restaurant in Dallas. We got there about 2:30 so there were just a few other customers and we were seated immediately– at a rockin’ table that needed a little maintenance to make it stable.  The staff was nice and helped us quickly.  The salsa was amazing!  It was very spicy but deliciously so, smoky sweet. There was a taste we couldn’t quite pin down but we think it was chipotle pepper. Hubby ordered the Triple D Combo ($14.95) which consisted of a tamale, a cup of pozole, and a brisket gordita. He said the tamale had no flavor. Pretty bland. The pozole was good- nice spice with a little heat. The gordita – meh. Just not notable.  I had the shrimp tacos ($12.95) which came with rice and black bean refried beans. They were ok. Nothing special.  The tacos tasted very shrimp-y even though I could see they’d been seasoned they just really had no spicy flavor.   Given the wonderful spice of the salsa we are confused by the bland flavor of everything else.  Were our taste buds sizzled by the salsa and we could no longer taste anything else? Hmmmm…I don’t think so.

The parking lot is easy to get into, but difficult to get out of. We parked in the extra lot right West of the restaurant. The cars behind are close and there’s no way to keep pulling through the lot so you just have to back up, pull forward, back up, pull forward and then just back out very carefully.

Overall, we were a little disappointed and give them ** (2 stars out of 5).