Yellow Birdfeeder

I’m not positive I’ll be able to keep hanging it this way as it is tilting a little.  I may have to get more chain and create a “basket” for it to sit in (2 longer pieces of chain that will make an X underneath and come up to the top and gather in a carabiner).  But it’s pretty cute.


Colander Planter

I found this cute silver colander at a thrift store for 70 cents. Today I finally turned it into an adorable planter.

colander 1colander 2  I got this chain at a home improvement store and just cut the link with bolt cutters. That hook goes into the holes on the colander.

colander 3   Got this carabiner at the home improvement store too. It works great to hold all 3 chains and connects to the hook to hang.

colander 4colander 5    And there you have it!  I got this sad clearance plant for $3. It just needs a little love…ok…water.

colander 6

If I decide to make it shorter I can just place a different link into the carabiner. No problem.

Jewelry Holder

Awesome bracelet/necklace holder I just made. I had the shutter hanging around, bought 1/2 price knobs at Hobby Lobby and simply drilled holes in the shutter and added the knobs. Do plan on needing to cut the screws on some of the knobs AND that those screws could scratch your wall. I decided to hang this on a white wall instead of a painted wall, for that reason. On the back I strung wire from one knob screw over to the knob screw on the other side. This allows me to hang the holder on the wall.