DDD Review- The Noble Pig

DDD Review #2- The Noble Pig, Austin TX   5/25/18


So Hubby and I took a little trip to Austin this weekend to celebrate our 1st anniversary and of course we found some DDD restaurants to visit. After rolling into town we found our way to The Noble Pig. It was about 2:30p so there wasn’t a large crowd inside but there were a couple tables enjoying the small sandwich shop.  Hubby ordered The Noble Pig sandwich on bacon bread ($9) and I ordered a half Cuban ($5.50).  Both sandwiches were delicious! My Cuban had a little pickle and mayo action, delightful with the ham. Hubby says his sandwich was “the bomb.com”.    : /   “The bacon in the bread gave it a crunchy texture, the meats were well seasoned, juicy and delicious.”  The sandwiches come with fresh-made chips that were crisp and tasty, maybe a light garlic salt?  Also there is a tasty relish. Try the carrots!

We give it ***** (5/5 stars)

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