How to Self-Publish Your Cookbook – Step #4

Now that you’ve entered your recipes, pictures, stories or whatever into the book, you’re almost done! As I mentioned before, most platforms let you move the recipes and/or pages around so start looking at the book to see if you like the order. The two platforms I mentioned have a table of contents automatically created as you enter the recipes so take a look at that and make sure 1) all the recipes you wanted to include are listed there, and 2) everything is in the order you prefer.

Next, download the preview/pdf of your book and start carefully reviewing your book. Look for typos and anything that might confuse a reader. Sometimes you have spent so much time with a book that it’s hard for you to spot the typos or errors. Maybe you know someone with great attention to detail and they would be willing to review the book for you? Sometimes, even then, there may be some typos. That’s ok. It makes your book human. đŸ™‚

After you’ve made any last changes or corrections, you’re ready to submit your book! Congratulations!

What questions do you have? Anything I didn’t cover?

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