Everything…and then some

I’ve been reading Everything by Mary DeMuth and I keep being amazed at the number of quality books promoting a relationship with Jesus. And I don’t mean, “oh here’s just another book about Jesus.” I mean I really believe God is speaking through several people right now and we should all listen.
Mary’s book describes how we seem to want a comfortable life, but what God wants for us is that crazy love relationship with Jesus where we give him our everything and he is OUR everything. We leave the comfortable life and follow hard after Jesus.
But wait, Crazy Love–yeah, that’s a book by Francis Chan. Also talking about being so in love with Jesus you live your life for him.
But wait, there’s more! I started reading Jeff Goins’ book Wrecked while waiting for an oil change. Right away I was hooked as Jeff describes how we want to sit on our couches and wonder why life seems to be missing something, when what we should be doing is getting out of our comfort zones and reaching out to others. It’s an example of of our crazy love for our Everything. I don’t think it’s an accident these books were written and released so near each other. I often find repetive nudges like these when God is speaking. But I don’t think he’s just speaking to me. What could we do this week to stretch beyond our comfort zones?

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