Rut Climbing?

Rut Climbing?

      Are you bored?  Or maybe stuck in a rut? Boredom is defined as tedium.  To me, boredom is a having nothing to do. I don’t often feel like that, but sometimes I feel like every day is the same and every week is the same. I’m in a rut and don’t want to do any of the usually fun things I can think to do.

      The house I grew up in was on a dirt road so I know about ruts.  Every time it rains and cars and trucks drive down the muddy road they leave deep ruts. The longer it’s wet and the more vehicles drive down the road the deeper the ruts get.  How do you get out of a rut like that? 

     Sometimes life can become too routine.  We need some spontaneous diversions.  Maybe take a road trip to someplace new or not often seen.  I love to drive to a little town near me known for its antique stores.  I can browse the stores and see if they have items to add to my collections.

     Hobbies are also a fun diversion.  A new hobby just might help you out of that rut.  We like having something to feel excited about.  (Sometimes why marriage goes bad—we no longer feel excited about our partner and we feel excited about someone else.)  Is there a hobby you haven’t had time for lately?  Dust that hobby off and make time for it.

     Volunteering can also get us out of a rut. Focusing on someone else brings to light our own blessings. 

      Using our spiritual gifts can give us something to feel excited about.  What are you good at?  What do you enjoy? It may be related to your spiritual gifts.

     Goal setting can pull us out of a rut. Is there a list of things you want to accomplish this year? Start planning the steps you need to take to meet those goals.

     Learn something new.  Take a class. There are online classes you can take at your own speed and if there is a vocational school near you, they may have cooking classes, computer classes, foreign language classes—you get the idea. They are fairly inexpensive and you also have the opportunity to meet new friends who share your interests. Something new is definitely the opposite of boredom and ruts.

     What are you thankful for? Counting our blessings can help us out of a rut by reminding us of all for which we have to be grateful.

     There are lots of ways out of a rut. What is your favorite way to get out of a rut?

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