Stuffed French Toast

I got this recipe from my recipe club. It’s delicious! I bought all four of the new Laughing Cow Cream Cheese flavors. They are all great! and so handy!

Stuffed French Toast

2 slices reduced cal. bread
1 Laughing Cow strawberry light cheese wedge
1 large strawberry, sliced
2 egg whites

Spread the cheese wedge on one slice of bread and top with sliced strawberry. Top with second slice of bread. Pour egg beaters in a small pan and soak sandwich on both sides trying to soak up as much egg as possible. Spray a nonstick pan and heat on the stove. Place sandwich in pan and carefully pour any remaining egg beaters on top. Fry until golden and flip and cook other side till golden. Serve and enjoy!

Someone also suggested using thawed frozen strawberries to top instead of syrup.

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