Festive Popcorn

I got this recipe from the WW boards. I thought it was good. I’d like to try it with some cinnamon.

one bag of microwave popcorn popped and all unpopped kernals removed. set aside. 3 squares of white Almond Bark. Place almond bark in a microwave safe bowl and melt, watching to make sure it doesn’t burn in the process. This step usually takes 2 minutes or so but every microwave is different. Melt the bark, stirring frequently. Once melted, stir in the popcorn gently so as not to break the pieces. Once you coat the popcron – spread the popcorn out on a piece of wax paper separating the bunches. When still wet – I use a small amount of holiday candy sprinkles over the popcorn and then let it dry. It dries quickly. Place the popcorn in festivae bags of your choice and tie with a pretty ribbon. I use the see thru plastic holiday bags that party stores or dollar stores carry so it looks great and they can see what’s inside the bag.

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