Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For me, it’s also Insurance Awareness Month. My mother had breast cancer almost 5 years ago. It was detected at stage 0 by a mammogram. She went through radiation treatments after having a lumpectomy and has been fine ever since. BUT she has to have diagnostic mammograms each year. This year she’s had two diagnostic mammograms. In Oklahoma, insurance companies are required to pay for one routine mammogram each year. Not diagnostic mammograms. Today I learned that breast cancer survivors (at least in OK, not sure about other states) are paying for their own mammograms. Insurance does not cover these, unless of course, the deductible has been met. Even then their coverage is usually no more than 80%. Does this make sense to anyone? So, if I’ve had breast cancer my insurance company doesn’t care enough about me having a mammogram to even pay for it? Do they really want to pay more if I end up with breast cancer again?? Or do they just figure it’s ok because surely I’ll want to live and I will pay for the diagnostic mammogram? This is incredibly unfair. Insurance companies need to step up and pay for at least one diagnostic mammogram each year. It’s in their best interest and the interest of their customers. In this time of healtcare reform can they really afford to do less?

Ladies, it is time to make some noise. Contact your insurance company, your state insurance commission and your senator. Keep talking about this and do not stop until someone realizes we will not “go quietly into that good night.”

“Therefore my dear [sisters] stand firm.” -1 Cor. 15:58a

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