Geek Squad – at your own risk!

I just want to warn you against taking your computers to the Geek squad at Best Buy. After a series of events that resulted in my lap top being with them for 7 days and me making 6 trips there (after they would tell me the problem was fixed–but it wasn’t). Finally, they charged me $130 and wiped my computer back to factory settings and put all of my documents in a folder on the desktop–where it was VERY difficult to find anything. The folders had odd names and did not seem to be in any sort of order. NOW I still have problems with this computer. The folder tree is no longer a nice simple order of the components of this computer–it’s some sort of disordered mess AND there are several folders I don’t have rights to. I’m sure they’ll say it is a virus but when I paid them $130 I also bought the expensive Anti-virus software they recommended so it seems unlikely that I have a virus. If you take your computer to the Geek Squad you do so at your own peril. They are not helpful and you’ll end up spending more money to undo what they’ve screwed up.

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